Kinderarbeit ist allgegenwärtig in Istanbul. Während meiner Zeit in der Weltmetropole habe ich irgendwann erschrocken festgestellt, dass ich mich an den Anblick gewöhnt hatte. Mit diesem Fotoprojekt habe ich nach einem eigenen Zugang zu der komplexen Problematik gesucht.

Child labor is a part of Istanbul. During my time in the metropolis, I felt how I became immune to what was evident everywhere: children working in the old town, around the Taksim Square, in basement factories and in urban settlements.

Istanbul is an extreme city – extreme on all levels. Lifestyle, culture and an incredible economic boom co-exist alongside poverty, waste and child labor in a melting pot of different minds, ethnics and religions.

My photo reportage was a personal approach to a tough problem. Any solution has to be structured and social and cannot be found on a personal or individual level. The hospitality, openness and the great interest in my culture which I experienced when meeting people in the factories, is what each of us should return! No father or mother would let their children work if there was any choice.